About Us


 Why we have two mission statements. Most companies have one mission statement designed to answer the question “who they are “and “what they can offer the consumer”. At ACC we are dedicated to two missions. As our logo suggests we have two faces and two sides to ACC. One side provides for the patients and the community. Conversely, the other side provides for the physicians. We offer a comprehensive service that allows the physicians to focus and specialize in giving a quality medical evaluation.

Mission One – For the physicians and medical community. We are a Professional Medical Corporation that provides the administrative and office support for physicians. We provide doctors with a comprehensive service that allows the physicians to concentrate on the patients and on practicing medicine. We facilitate and manage all of the administrative aspects of the clinic in the most professional, friendly and safe manner. As a physician you will find that this formula allows for a better quality of life without the stress of managing an office.

Mission Two – For our community and patients in California. At an ACC clinic patients can be evaluated to see if medical marijuana can benefit their condition in a safe, confidential and professional environment. We provide law enforcement and co-ops with reliable and consistent verification of patients. We are HIPAA compliant and protect patient privacy at all times. We are dedicated to providing our community of patients with resources, support and compassion. Together both sides complete us at ACC.

Together we found a formula for success. A formula that allows us to better service and support patients while taking the administrative and managerial burden of managing clinics away from the doctors. At ACC we are proud to say “we make a difference in California.